Perth Events - OzSpurs Tickets

An update of ticketing for the OzSpurs Perth events

Posted on July 03, 2023

By John Tumbridge


Tickets for the following events in Perth will be issued as follows:

  • Trivia - We will have a list on the door
  • Junior Training - Registration forms have been sent
  • Ledley King Night - We will have a list on the door
  • OzSpurs Five-a-side - We will have a list on the door
  • Open Training - The OzSpurs allocation of tickets will be issued to us by the club. If you are not attending any other of our events we will contact the number provided on the form (sent to your email) to advise pick up point. This may be close to the event as we - the limited number of OzSpurs committee - Do not know the situation on the ground yet. Please bear with us!
  • Pre-match meet up - This event is not ticketed.

Tickets are still available in limited numbers for these events.

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