New Laws for Sydney Pubs

Posted on Feb 21, 2014

By Tommy Silver

The NSW Government recently announced new laws to help curb anti-social violence, with a number of restrictions placed on pubs and bars around the city. This week, OzSpurs received information from the Triple Ace on how these will affect us.

The Triple Ace has been confirmed as being inside the lockout zone. Therefore, anyone who is not inside before 1:30am will not be allowed to enter until 5:00am.

With the TV schedule only being available until the end of March, it is hard to fully plan the rest of the season. However, this will greatly affect our huge matches for the six weeks:

vs Norwich - Monday 24 February - 3:00am vs Cardiff - Monday 3 March - 3:00am vs Chelsea - Sunday 9 March - 4:30am vs Arse*al - Monday 17 March - 3:00am vs Liverpool - Monday 31 March - 2:00am

We will not hold an official meetup for the Norwich or Cardiff matches, but still encourage people to head in for all other matches.

For any match kicking off after 2am, we will post details on Twitter and Facebook about meetups. We cannot guarantee the Triple Ace will open for any other matches after 2am.

If you have any questions, please get in touch through the Sydney page.

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