Our Sydney chapter has been in existence since the late 1990s and meets up for each and every single Spurs match. Having run the gauntlet of Sydney pubs in the early 2000s, battling drunken teenagers, sticky dance floors and no sound for matches (among other issues), we finally found the Surry Hills Hotel (previously known as the Triple Ace Bar) in September 2004. It has been our home ever since.

You can expect to find anywhere from 10 to 300 fans in the pub for match days, with the North London derby obviously the most popular. If you can’t make it to the Lane, then the Surry Hills Hotel is easily the next best thing, within an atmosphere more akin to that of a pub somewhere in North London.

Currently, the Sydney Chapter is lead by Cameron and we love to see new faces everywhere. Whether you’ve just stumbled upon the club or are on holidays in Sydney, come by for a Spurs match and you will be made welcome!