NFG Fantasy Premier League GW 38 Results

Date Posted: 23 May 2024

G'day OzSpurs NFG League. This is your weekly FPL update.

The winner for gameweek 38 was 'Proton Energy Pills' [Rob Walsh] with 109 points! Rounding up the top 3 for the week was 'Mcferckle United' [Ian Carson] (101 pts) and 'Spoony1961' [Ian Wotherspoon] (97 pts).

'Ozspuroos' [Evan Foudoulis] stayed at the top of the table with 2423 points, although 'Lil' OzSpurs' [Maisie Hill] is creeping closer 31 points behind. At the other end 'Siena Spurs' [Adrian Nandapi] continues to languish in last place with a miserable 1415 points.

The worst ranking teams this week were 'Deletubbies' [Josh Clarke] (34 pts), 'Armitage Sharks' [Darren Thiel] (32 pts), 'Moose Spurs' [Travis Lynn] (32 pts), and 'Assassins Creed' [Stewart Purcell] (32 pts). Hang your heads in shame.

When it came to captaincy choice 'Spoony1961' [Ian Wotherspoon] did the best this week with 45 points from Phil Foden. On the other end of the spectrum was 'Nice One Sonny' [Andy Gallop] who had picked Bruno Borges Fernandes for a total of 0 points. You receive the armband of shame for this week.

Moving onto substitutions 'Onomah Son' [George Gialis] and 'Crooksy' [Barney Hamilton] will be kicking themselves after having left an astonishing 24 points on the bench which was the highest in the league.

'Audere est Facere' [Matthew Drake] and 'YANKEE INDIA DELTA O' [Andriko Nicola] did the best with automatic substitutions this week receiving 20 points off the bench in lieu of players not playing. 'Diamond Lights' [Lee Carter] was not as fortunate getting a shabby -1 points from Digne who covered for Bowen.

As for shakers and movers 'HARRY'S HEROS' [Harry Armstrong] climbed 14 spots this week. In the not so great department we have 'Just 1 trophy' [James O'Brien] dropping 12 spots.

Gooner Infringements (RULES: 1 strike and out)
FPL Managers with a Gooner - You have been removed from the League:
- The Mask of Porro [Joe Gonzalez] (GW38: Saliba, White).

Chapter Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 38:
FPL Managers and the Chapters they represent for the OzSpurs FPL Chapter Title.

RankChapterMgrsGW AvgTotal Avg
2Melbourne Peninsula482.002174.17
4Regional NSW472.752102.00
12Gold Coast459.751953.50

NOTE: As the competition progresses and more Managers get allocated to their chapter, these points will be back-dated, which will affect totals. Likewise, as Managers are removed from the League for repeated Gooner infringements, the points will be retrospectively removed from the totals.

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League
Chapter: OzSpurs Chapter
Mgrs: Number of managers in the league
GW Avg: Game week points average
Total Avg: Point average of all game weeks

Notable news:
- 103 (69.1%) teams managed to reach or beat the overall average of 52 points for the week.
- The following teams all took transfer hits this week: 'A cat called Clive' [Mark Lawson] (-4 pts), 'Regulardon' [Julian K] (-4 pts), 'YANKEE INDIA DELTA O' [Andriko Nicola] (-4 pts), 'Angeball FC' [Martyn McGrath] (-4 pts), 'Levy la vida loca' [Anthony Zerafa] (-4 pts), 'Kaned and Unabled' [Matthew Collins] (-4 pts), and 'Crooksy' [Barney Hamilton] (-20 pts).
- A flurry of activity this week as 'Spoony1961' [Ian Wotherspoon] (TC), 'Armstrong Hotspur' [Chris Armstrong] (BB), 'Mark of Porro' [Emma-Jane Stephenson] (BB), 'HARRY'S HEROS' [Harry Armstrong] (TC), 'Ball@rat Bombers' [David Guy] (BB), 'Viral Post-ecoglou' [Tim Long] (BB), 'FC Silver' [Tommy Silver] (BB), 'Ledley’s Kings' [Nathan Evans] (BB), 'OzzySpurs' [carl clarabut] (WC), 'Glenn Hoddle' [Darren Greaves] (WC), 'Ollie’s XI' [Chris D’silva] (BB), 'Shameless Nameless' [Perry Collins] (BB), 'Son of Anarchy' [Kimberley Santos] (TC), 'SPURFECTION' [Costa Nicola] (TC), 'Tate's Tearaways 1st' [Graham Tate] (WC), 'spidermen' [Ant Butcher] (TC), 'VerySpursy68' [Neil Rowley] (BB), 'Go back to Woolwich' [Paul Coates] (BB), 'Renholm Rovers' [Rick Goody] (BB), 'Ali G Spur' [Ali James] (BB), 'Wanyamasinpyjamas' [Julia De Wit] (TC), and 'Destiny’s Child' [Kai Jopson] (BB) all played chips.

Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 38:

[Evan Foudoulis]
2--2400kLil' OzSpurs
[Maisie Hill]
3--3447kBrisbane Glory
[Wayne Hill]
4up6503kBetter Call Son
[Darrin Smith]
5--5532kAudere est Facere
[Matthew Drake]
[Terry Desbois]
7up9643kOnomah Son
[George Gialis]
8dn4646kJT Hotspur
[John Tumbridge]
9dn8682kAnge Management
[Rishabh Kothari]
10--10752kA cat called Clive
[Mark Lawson]
***: FPL Manager to be removed due to Gooner Infringement.
Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League
Chg.: Movement in league compared to previous week
PW: Previous week rank in league
Overall: Rank amongst all players in FPL
GW: Gameweek points
Total: Point sum of all game weeks
TT: Total transfers
TmVal: Team value (including bank)

Thanks, I will return next gameweek with another update.

Nathan Pieterse (Sydney OzSpurs)

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