Triple Ace 10th Birthday Party

Posted on Sept 04, 2014

By Tommy Silver

The early days of OzSpurs were very different to what they are now. Back when our club started to take off, in 2001, football was still hard to come by. SBS and Fox Sports provided great access to football, but as a pretty poor mid-table team, Spurs were rarely featured on TV. OzSpurs meetups in those days usually consisted of nothing more than meeting to chat Spurs and read through the latest Spurs Monthly magazine.

In Sydney, on the odd occasion that our game had been selected for TV, we had to run the gauntlet that was Sydney pubs in order to watch the match. This was no easy task. In our way stood everything from drunk 20-somethings dancing to rubbish music, to the TAB punters, to sticky floors from the aforementioned drunk patrons. We were never able to find somewhere that was accommodating of football fans and our singing.

That all changed on Saturday the 11th of September 2004, when we visited the Triple Ace for the first time to watch Spurs play Norwich. In true Spurs style, the game finished 0-0, but it was the start of a relationship that has endured and seen the Triple Ace become 'a Spurs pub.'

Now, 10 years on from that night, we want to celebrate the Triple Ace and thank them for being our home. So join us for the Manchester City match on Saturday the 18th of October for a night of celebration.


7:00pm - Triple Ace is open to Spurs fans 7:30pm - Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers live on TV 9:30pm - Spurs Anthems CD 10:45pm - Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

We will have exclusive Australia Spurs polos and raffle tickets for sale throughout the night. Please ensure you bring your Australia Spurs Membership to receive discounts. We will also have free food for all Australia Spurs members.

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