Perth National 2019

Posted on Jan 01, 1970

By Mark Lawson

We are pleased to announce the date of the 2019 OzSpurs National - it will take place over the weekend of 22 to 24 Feb 2019 in Perth.

We’ve chosen this date with one key thing in mind - making sure we have a Spurs game to watch as the centrepiece event of the weekend. Those tricky so-and-sos at the Premier League are fond of the odd late fixture change, and we don’t want to pick a weekend when Spurs end up playing on a Monday night - so we’ve done our research - Spurs are scheduled to play Burnley on Saturday 23 Feb and that’s our game for the National. There is another round of fixtures in the mid-week immediately afterwards, so that rules out the game being shifted to a Monday.

The OzSpurs National is the weekend when Spurs fans from all over the country gather together for a few days of Spurs, Spurs, Beer and Spurs. Ok ok, there might be a bit more beer if you’re that way inclined. We’ll have plenty of activities planned for the weekend (previous nationals have seen things like 5-a-side comp, foot golf, brewery tour, Spurs trivia night, golf comp etc etc) and we'll organise the 2019 events over the coming months.

Right now it’s time to block out the date in the calendar, book a few days off work and start checking out flights. Activities and events will start on Friday 22 Feb. There is a chance the game could be moved to the Sunday - so we recommend treating yourself to a long weekend, returning home on Monday.

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