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2023/2024 Membership On Sale Now!

Posted on July 21, 2023

By John Tumbridge

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2023/2024 Membership On Sale Now!

What does my Membership get me?

You get OzSpurs. You get the First Team coming to Australia and the events that go with it. You get a Committee dedicated to providing a tangible connection to your beloved club more than 15,000km away. You get Chapter Organisers, who arrange venues to watch matches together, and plan 5-a-side days and other events to bring us together. You get access to match tickets for home games. You get the OzSpurs National, bringing Spurs fans from all over Australia together once a year. And you get the Member next to you. The stranger you will be celebrating with when the clock nears 5 am and Harry Kane has just scored another winner.

We have two types of OzSpurs membership

  • We have an online tier of membership. This provides all the benefits of membership without a physical membership pack or card.

  • Still want more? With a Regular Membership, we also have an amazing Membership Pack, refreshed every season with up-to-date items and benefits, all listed below. Regular Membership also gives you priority in the ticket ballot should a match be oversubscribed.

Membership packs will begin to be distributed late August. Your benefits begin as soon as you join!

Click to join today! 👇👇👇

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