OzSpurs 2017 AGM

Date Posted: 1 Mar 2017

The OzSpurs AGM is taking place on Sunday 2nd April at 1pm at The Moseley pub in Gleneg, Adelaide. The AGM is open to all current and past OzSpurs members to attend. The OzSpurs committee will present a review of OzSpurs’ activities and take questions from the floor.

Get Involved with OzSpurs OzSpurs is run by a committee of volunteers. The OzSpurs season runs from 1 June to 31 May, and committee positions tenure is for the same period.

Mark Lawson (President), Tommy Silver (Communications Officer), Samn Gibbs-Jones (Treasurer) and Christian Creedy (Ticketing Officer) offer themselves for re-election.

If you want to challenge any for any of the above committee positions please email [email protected] by 12 March 2017.

Emma-Jane Stephenson is retiring from the role of Membership Secretary. EJ has been on the committee for a number of years - she has sent out thousands of membership packs, and been heavily involved in the 2015 and 2016 visits to Australia by Tottenham Hotspur. OzSpurs thanks EJ for her considerable efforts and work. EJ will continue as Melbourne Chapter Organiser.

For the 2017/18 season we are seeking 2 OzSpurs members to take on a new joint Membership Secretary role.

The role of Membership Secretary includes creation and distribution of membership packs, answering general membership queries, and being a full part of the OzSpurs committee.

All committee positions are on an entirely voluntary basis. Committee members should be prepared to spend at least 2 hours a week on OzSpurs activities – which increases and decreases as the need arises. The committee is spread all over Australia, location isn’t an issue, however ability to be online on a very regular basis is needed.

OzSpurs Members who are interested in becoming one of OzSpurs’s new Membership Secretaries should should email [email protected] by 12 March 2017. If more than two applications are received OzSpurs will run a members election from 14 March to 28 March.

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