NFG Fantasy Premier League GW 14 Results

Posted on Aug 15, 2023

By John Tumbridge


G'day OzSpurs NFG League. This is your weekly FPL update.

The winner for gameweek 14 was 'DUB FC' [Richard Emanuel] with 93 points! Rounding up the top 3 for the week was 'KP FC' [Kurt Preston] (88 pts) and 'JT Hotspur' [John Tumbridge] (85 pts).

'DUB FC' [Richard Emanuel] with 908 total points is the new league leader, supplanting last weeks leader 'Proton Energy Pills' [Rob Walsh]. At the other end 'Wonderlust' [Brent Martin] continues to languish in last place with an inadequate 575 points.

The worst ranking teams this week were 'Deletubbies' [Josh Clarke] (37 pts), 'Tembot 6000' [David Temby] (34 pts), 'Tottenham Coldspur' [Rhys Jones] (34 pts), and 'Anttrailspurs' [Andrew Pettifer] (33 pts). Hang your heads in shame.

When it came to captaincy choice 'Ange here we go!' [Wayne Harrington] did the best this week with 28 points from Ben Mee. On the other end of the spectrum was 'Glory Hotspurs' [Darren Cubitt], 'Hottenham Totspur' [Rob Anderson], and 'Anttrailspurs' [Andrew Pettifer] who had picked James Ward-Prowse and Ederson Santana de Moraes for a total of 2 points. You receive the armband of shame for this week.

Moving onto substitutions 'Not Got a Postecoclu' [Ross Mclachlan] and 'Glory Hotspurs' [Darren Cubitt] will be kicking themselves after having left a stunning 23 points on the bench which was the highest in the league.

This week 'Proton Energy Pills' [Rob Walsh] did the best with automatic substitutions receiving 15 points from Edouard and Mykolenko coming off the bench in lieu of Neto and Jensen. 'brexit boys' [josh watts] and 'Flagpies 2k23' [Alex Phillips] was not as fortunate getting a pitiful 0 points from Pau who covered for James.

As for shakers and movers 'Pina Knunku' [Kai Neville] climbed 29 spots this week. In the not so great department we have 'Tembot 6000' [David Temby] dropping 25 spots.

Chapter Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 14:
FPL Managers and the Chapters they represent for the OzSpurs FPL Chapter Title.

RankChapterMgrsGW AvgTotal Avg
2Melbourne Peninsula456.25827.17
6Regional NSW464.25786.50
13Gold Coast456.00737.00

NOTE: As the competition progresses and more Managers get allocated to their chapter, these points will be back-dated, which will affect totals. Likewise, as Managers are removed from the League for repeated Gooner infringements, the points will be retrospectively removed from the totals.

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League
Chapter: OzSpurs Chapter
Mgrs: Number of managers in the league
GW Avg: Game week points average
Total Avg: Point average of all game weeks

Notable news:
- 103 (68.2%) teams managed to reach or beat the overall average of 54 points for the week.
- The following teams all took transfer hits this week: 'Audere Est Facere' [Craig Allen] (-4 pts), 'Some Randoms' [Jack Calderwood] (-4 pts), 'SPURFECTION' [Costa Nicola] (-8 pts), 'YANKEE INDIA DELTA O' [Andriko Nicola] (-4 pts), 'It’s Son.' [David Towe] (-4 pts), 'Ollie’s XI' [Chris D’silva] (-4 pts), 'joshiid34' [Josh Davies] (-4 pts), 'Ange Management' [Rishabh Kothari] (-4 pts), and 'Angeball XI' [stuart randall] (-4 pts).
- A flurry of activity this week as 'Renholm Rovers' [Rick Goody] (WC), 'C--O--Y--S' [Julian Badell] (TC), 'Angeball FC' [Martyn McGrath] (WC), 'Vladoramas11' [vlad andreski] (WC), 'Better Call Son' [Darrin Smith] (WC), 'Mask of Porro' [Daniel Simmons] (WC), 'No Flag No Venue' [Gary Clarke] (FH), and 'WengerFiddles' [alex carter] (TC) all played chips.

Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 14:

1up216.4kDUB FC
[Richard Emanuel]
2dn119.8kProton Energy Pills
[Rob Walsh]
[Ant Butcher]
[Evan Foudoulis]
5up10259kOnomah Son
[George Gialis]
6up12287kJT Hotspur
[John Tumbridge]
[Josh Davies]
8dn5301kBetter Call Son
[Darrin Smith]
9dn6317kA cat called Clive
[Mark Lawson]
[Terry Desbois]
***: FPL Manager to be removed due to Gooner Infringement.
Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League
Chg.: Movement in league compared to previous week
PW: Previous week rank in league
Overall: Rank amongst all players in FPL
GW: Gameweek points
Total: Point sum of all game weeks
TT: Total transfers
TmVal: Team value (including bank)

Thanks, I will return next gameweek with another update.

Nathan Pieterse (Sydney OzSpurs)

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