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Posted on July 01, 2021

By John Tumbridge


OzSpurs 2021/2022 Membership are now on sale! Join before the start of the season (13th August 2021) to be entered in a draw to win an exclusive Special Edition Spurs 100 Print Shirt.

Celebrate 100 years of the iconic cockerel crest with this Adult Tottenham Hotspur special edition 100 print shirt. Combining 21st-century fabric technology and modern design with a gloriously retro feel, this adult shirt harks back to those early days by putting the original cockerel right at the heart of the design. Not only does the shirt carry a striking 100 design on the back, but you'll also find a representation of the 1921 cockerel crest on the back of the neck, too, for some inner pride.

While the cockerel may be celebrating its 100th birthday, the fabric technology in this adult shirt is right up to date. Using Nike's innovative Dri-FIT fabric technology, moisture is wicked away from the surface of the skin for faster evaporation, keeping you cooler and drier all day long. The use of Nike Breathe technology also helps to keep things fresh and cool by allowing the air to circulate freely around. The standard fit gives you a relaxed, easy feel that allows you to move and stretch.

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