Fantasy Premier League Chapter Representatives

Posted on Aug 05, 2022

By John Tumbridge

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OzSpurs 22/23 FPL Chapter Representatives

* Last updated: 03:43 PM on 14 Nov 22

Below are the 22/23 FPL Managers and the Chapters they represent for the OzSpurs FPL Chapter Title.

If you are listed as Unallocated, missing or are in the wrong Chapter, then please send an email to with your FPL Team Name and the Chapter you represent.

This season we are introducing FPL Regional Chapters for those that don't live near a Chapter. So there will now be FPL Regional Chapters for most States and the Northern Territory.


go isotopes [Albert Seagrim]
Overperforming [Alex B]
Harry Class A [Alex Phillips]
Lilywhites [andrew rooley]
Here Comes The Son [Anna Dixon]
Levy La Vida Loca [Anthony Zerafa]
GFH [Barry Haslett]
Spurszo [Barry Phillips]
Wonderlust [Brent Martin]
Five Knuckle Shuffle [Brett Hansen]
Misery [carl clarabut]
W.D.B.A.S. [Chris Hay]
Coman my Tiote’s [Chris Roberts]
Audere Est Facere [Craig Allen]
MilkyLickers [Craig Mills]
Nice One Son [Damon Buckley]
Ozzie’s Dream [Daniel Simmons]
MosseKofi [Danny Stienen]
oh peh som! [Darren Tong]
Mini's Men [David Minear]
Moura That Please [David Towe]
Huat ah! [Dee Tee]
Metaldon [Donovan Sutherland]
rackcharlieson [Drew Badenoch]
Mings the Merciless [Edward Hodges]
Højbjerger [Ethan Harrington]
Just Wide [G Blaze]
Aint got a scoobydoo [Harry O'Brien]
Its a Debarkle [Ian Barker]
SONny side up [Jack Beaumont]
Sonsational [Jack Miller]
GooseberryFC [Jack Rologas]
Jimi2Shoes FC [James Carolan]
Parra Spurs [Jamie Wahab]
Mango Hill Hotspur [Jason Collier]
JD Lillywhites [Jeremy Dunlop]
Hotshots [joel hopper]
Twenty Hag [Joel Werner]
Wanyamas in Pyjamas [Julia Csanki]
K4ipie [Kai Jopson]
Mad Summer Spurs [Kayd Richards]
Cuzzo Dubbo [khaled elmir]
Son of Kane [Kristian Bole]
KPFC [Kurt Preston]
Lilywhites [Lauren Cunnew]
Lou's team [Louis Garrott]
Chookspurs73 [Mahmoud Chekchok]
Lil' OzSpurs [Maisie Hill]
MarkCOYS [Mark Choo]
CTRL+ALT+DELE [Mason Kingsbury]
Spuds [Michael Giardullo]
spurs 2023 EPL champ [Michael Tong]
Emergency Loaf [Neil Purkiss]
Let'sGoSonny [Nick McFarlane]
The full Conte [Ollie Wahab]
Villarolyal [Peter Rologas]
GMac [Rick Goody]
lost in the woods [Rohan Nayee]
Chef_4_Hire [Scott Bowerman]
Spud-tastic! [Steve Bowerman]
Conte not Kante FC [stuart randall]
Dynamo Kebab [Thomas Wilson]
11 Men in Flight [Tim Lee]
NoSalahNoCry [Tim Long]
Hart Attack [Timothy Hart]
T-roys Trojans [Troy Sinclair]
Dier hard [Wayne Harrington]
gimme gimme [Willem Buckley]




Gruts n' Gravy [Carlin Budd]
garythfc [Gary Fitzpatrick]
A Son of Ice & Dier [Joe Jones]
Yves Of Destruction [Ryan Shave]
Throbin Koch [Scott Gobec]


TTID [Barney Hamilton]
COYS [Darren Thiel]
Blackstone AFC [Dylan De Wit]
Spooky [Ian Wotherspoon]
JT Hotspur [John Tumbridge]
Lilywhites [Lachie Theil]
A cat called Clive [Mark Lawson]
Ledley’s Kings [Nathan Evans]
Assian Creed [Stewart Purcell]
Brisbane Glory [Wayne Hill]
Don Antonio [Zak Payne]


Always Kaned [Andy Gallop]


Sons of Son [Luis West]

Gold Coast

Heung-Min Dan [Danny Fensom]
GerMaCro FC [Karl Marhold]
MetKaneOnce [Lee Carter]
Justice for Son [Max Morgan]
HurriKanes [Perry Collins]
No Kane No Gain [Sean Robertson]


Cunning Stunts [Alex Bowles]
PaxtonUpper [Andrew Parker]
AGingerFromSweden [Andy Philpott]
Well Heung FC [Cam Stevenson]
ClintEssentials [Clint Westall]
Ball@rat Bombers [David Guy]
Tappo’s Tottenham [David Tapping]
A Son of Ice & Dier [Emma-Jane Stephenson]
Clarkeyhotspur [Gary Clarke]
Onomah Son [George Gialis]
Feed My Lambs [Grant Lewis]
Heartbreak City [Hayden Ross]
KYFC [Ky Easterbrook]
North17 [Rick Cutrona]
In for De Jong haul [Rishabh Kothari]
Sparker’s Spuds [Scott Parker]
Melon Farmers [Tom Condie]
FC Silver [Tommy Silver]
Spudweiser [Travis MacLachlan]
NoKaneNoGain [Zac Assouni]

Melbourne Peninsula

Better Call Son [Darrin Smith]
BIELSKIFC [Luca Bielski]
Spuraholics [Terry Desbois]


puyolpantsdown [Dylan Siddens]
Tate's Tearaways 1st [Graham Tate]
Tate's Tearaways 2nd [Graham Tate]
Some Randoms [Jack Calderwood]
Emerson with cheese [Kai Neville]


CutiKuluSon FC [Darren Greaves]
Athletic Club Dildao [Rob Fletcher]
What ave ya won tho? [Ronnie Francis]


dontcryArteta [alex carter]
Glory Hotspurs [Darren Cubitt]
Spurs90 [laura meachem]


Jolly's Hit and Hope [Aaron Jolly]
THFC MASSIVE [Andriko Nicola]
SPURFECTION [Costa Nicola]
Cucci Baggio [Damiano Cucci]
niceonesonnyfc [David Caley]
The Moura Merrier [James Maile]
Another Year [James O'Brien]
Tanganga Management [Jamie Perry]
NICE ONE SONNY! [Jay Weijdom]
Soccer_Chickens [Julian Badell]
Tottenham Ozspur [Kevan Silver]
Kaned and unable [Matthew Collins]
Dier Straits [Miles Gibson]
WithAPacketOfSweets [Nathan Pieterse]
CrashaSpurs [Oliver Maxwell]
DUB FC [Richard Emanuel]
Running up that Gil [Russell Perkins]
You Contè [Scott Robins]
Subbuteoz [Simon Godfrey]
Pricey’s Performers [Stephen Price]
Badcoe [Steve Holdstock]



Regional NSW

Puddles036 [Alan Haynes]
Benjamin F.C. [Benjamin Miller]
Carnyacucks [Filmer FS]
Proton Energy Pills [Rob Walsh]
Hill Hotspur [Stephen Miller]

Regional NT


Regional QLD

SPURZOO222 [Jeff Zawila]

Regional SA


Regional VIC


Managers No Longer In Leauge

This would be due to leaving the league, not being a Spurs supporter or being suspended for having a Gooner in their team.
Spur of the Moment [Al Baxter]
Hanging on by a Fred [Austin Driffield]
Brandon [Brandon Leung]
Sweaty XI [callum mees]
Kulusexy [Chris Buchanan]
The Conts [Conor Kelly]
Lloris Lightning [Damen Francis]
Hugo Van Der Vaarted [Daz Argy]
Arseplayonathursday [F fs]
COYS [Gary Millar]
Game of Throw Ins [George Fincken]
Tottenham Prop Joes [Harlan Eskinja]
Mcferckle United [Ian Carson]
Hazza’s Dazzlers [Jake Johnson]
Jimmys11 [James Lovelock]
JP FC [James Pearman]
King of the Lane [Jamie Tench]
Choppenham [Jarryd Knight]
Eglinton hotspurs [Jon Long]
Devine IntervenSon [Jonah Webb]
Perisic Not Milat [Lewis Hyland]
COYS [Louis Delaney Coe]
conte ball [Lucas Allen]
Honcho FC [MacDonald Amoah]
Malus [mara kreismanis]
superspursy [mark mcnamara]
Gliding to the top [Mark Szymkowicz]
pique blinders [Michael Greene]
Fake news FC [Mitchell langley]
Sonaldo CF [Ned Uren]
shelfside [Neil Campbell]
To Be Conte-nued [Niall O'Brien]
COYS57 [Noel McGrann]
Sonny Boy [Paul Dunn]
ContesLillywhites [Paul Fallowes]
what a cuti [Peter Tuffin]
OzSpurs11 [Rod McDonald]
Pas FC [Samuel Paslis]
KE30RN25 [Sash Mitrovic]
Scott's Dreamy Team [Scott Graham]
Gangsta's Allardyce [Shane Flynn]
Mangawhai Mud Crabs [Simon Neal]
Spuds FC [Steve Currie]
Payneham Hotspur [steve uren]
Sunnyside Best XI [Sunghoon choi]
Best 11 [Tanjiv Singh]
Notinurmumsforest [THE BOOT EDITION]
Change Name [Thomas Killick]
LongDongSilver [Tim Purcell]

Nathan (Sydney OzSpurs)

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