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    Not been on here for age. Thought I would take a look around and I see a big picture of me promoting muppets. Brilliant.

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    There’s only one OziAndy!

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    Looking forward to catch up with yo all. Have it large.

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    Top draw weekend.Hats off to all involved who made it go without a hitch. Spoke to Tommy he looked battered and relived it was done. Catching up with all the old faces and meeting some new ones was a massive highlight.

    Ossie night was brilliant. Quality stories and lots of Stella.

    The train and seeing all the Yids waiting for it, an sight to behold.

    Singing Chas & Dave with Pooligan in Harrys bar. (Can’t believe he knows all the words to all the songs)

    Gudge and Leader what can I say always entertaining when you two are floating around.

    Jockney good to see you again. Chrissy Boy and Angus good night Saturday and well done for getting Harry home.

    Moller always a pleasure.

    Big S and the side boob at to Ossie night….Brilliant

    My imposter

    Being a media whore….. TV / Offical website / Golden Ticket

    Melbourne Boys always a good laugh. Benno glad you enjoyed the Pringles.

    Until next time…..Roll on the National.

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    Ossie is booked to come over.

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    Tommy. Does this still work with Tapatalk app? Just having issues logging in.

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    I hope you saved Gudge’s ‘Trips down memory lane’. Always a good read.

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    Its like lightning. Nice work Silver.