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  • Silver // administrator

    Hello all,

    Apologies for the forum downtime over the last couple of days. The major announcement of last week and subsequent interest in OzSpurs and our website showed up some deficiencies in our website. I’ve been working over the last few days to try and fix those.

    The most obvious was the speed of the site. Many people commented on how slow the site was and it was always my plan to fix it, however, the solution was never a great one. One of the major factors (if not the only one) was the size of the forum (the amount of posts). Our database had hundreds of thousands of posts, dating back to around 2003 and it was nearly 200mb, which is huge. The ‘queries’ took ages because the site was trying to process so much data. This was never an issue before, because our main website was separate to the forum (two different pieces of software.)

    With the new site, I’ve made a very difficult decision to DELETE all of that data. You can no longer see that huge history on this site. However, my plan is to bring it back with a separate website, where you won’t be able to post, but you can still read. It’s hugely important to me that we still have that data, but sometimes you need to start afresh and I think it’ll make this website better.

    I realise that this was not the ideal time for it. We’d just started to get more people using the forums on the back of the announcement. However, the two weren’t mutually exclusive – the increased traffic lead to much slow page loads and even the website crashing. Hopefully this will help avoid that as we look towards more announcements around the tour.

    Again, my apologies for messing with the forum again – I don’t like doing it, but it’s hard to find the ideal solution for what we have in place. I hope you all understand and I hope this forum will suit our collective needs.


    YTTC // nonmember

    Nice work buddy…..glad to see we were able to keep that deep archive afterall.

    Lookin good, keep it up…..seeya in Sydney

    jockney // nonmember

    Are you still working on the members only area ? Can’t see it.

    Silver // administrator

    Not sure we’ll have one to be honest. We didn’t use it all that much (and didn’t seem to work properly, since Gudge was in there.) But if people think it makes sense, I’m happy to put it back.

    Col // member

    I would like to see the members only section back Tom, please

    Waddles Mullet // member

    Less separation is better, it’ll help keep the momentum up with posts and less clicking around trying to find them.
    No need to have separate forums for National, Members only etc as you mention imo.
    Good work, difficult decision but something had to be done. Thanks for putting in the hours on top of all the recent graft for #SpursInSydney

    TottenhamAndy // member

    Its like lightning. Nice work Silver.

    TottenhamAndy // member

    I hope you saved Gudge’s ‘Trips down memory lane’. Always a good read.

    shawry // member

    Thanks Tom, massive effort on the back of the Spurs in Oz announcement.
    Well appreciate your work on upgrading.

    jockney // nonmember

    Tom,I agree ,don’t really see a need for it. Nothing to hide on here. If something needs to stay private Im sure you guys do that anyway. ( Eg Tottenham team hotel lol.) I’ll find it.
    Don’t really see a need for the separate chapters either,facebook has that.

    TottenhamAndy // member

    Tommy. Does this still work with Tapatalk app? Just having issues logging in.

    Gudge // nonmember

    Cheers andy . Was thinking the same i only just stuck a couple of old ones up there a then this happens . Well played silver fukin us dinosaurs over again

    Spurs4Life // member

    Great work Silver

    Clarkey // member

    Well done silver. I don’t see a need in seperate areas.

    jockney // nonmember

    You should get all your down memory lanes and start a facebook page to post them Gal. As Silver said they are not lost they will be posted on a seperate site. You’ve probably got copies of them framed on your living room wall. Lol. Get the Gooner over to read them.

    essexboy // nonmember

    hi guys just logged on to ozspurs hope to meet some of you guys in one way it nice to meet some real spurs fans.
    just a bit about me went to my first game in 1963 or 1964 anyway was against west ham and we one 3-0 I think so long ago,
    I went with a family friend Charlie Nash who was such a spurs nut he also took me to the world cup in 1966 at Wembley .
    we used to go to the Paxton end and used to go to every home game and as I got older I went to the away games used to travel on
    the supporters trains. The last game I went to was in the late 70’s as I got sick of fighting my way to the grounds in the ground
    and home again the last straw was a mate missed a train on the underground we waited for the next train he didn’t come so we whent
    back and found him in a pool of blood and some other fans running away.
    Then we come to oz in 1981 and only watched the match’s on the box. I got ticket’s for anz at the park lane end hope to me some of you there

    tony no prawns // nonmember

    essexboy, wait til you come across Mackayfan. He’s been supporting Spurs since the 2nd Punic War.

    Gudge // nonmember

    And he has an original syrup

    Mackayfan // member

    Mine is a Tate and Lyle Limited Edition exclusive.
    Not many people know this but the Company was founded in 1921.
    Both the boys were said to be Tottenham supporters after Winning the FA Cup that year they both got pissed and ended up going into partnership.
    As you would know yourself Gudge wearing a Syrup
    Syrup of Fig ( Wig ) was Cockney rhyming slang.
    Stay out of the Wind till we next catch up 🙂

    borgsta2007 // nonmember

    Good on Ya Silver as always a top job. This is for the better.

    jockney // nonmember

    It’s much quicker I believe. Right,how do you post a photo or Utube again. Lol Mullet we need your dinosaur translation of how to do this.

    ColinSC // nonmember

    Gliding though this with all the grace of a Cockrel chasing a young chicken 😉

    Ozspur 1 // nonmember

    This site is very well put together Tom. Good work.

    Ossie // member

    Looks great Tommy. I know I’m here incredibly rarely these days, but is there any way of having a symbol for read/unread topics?

    Greg_B // nonmember

    First look at the forum in ages. Suave work Tomasinho.

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