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G'day OzSpurs NFG League. This is your weekly FPL update.

The winner for gameweek 6 was 'eetswa' [Louis Garrott] with 83 points! Rounding up the top 3 for the week was 'Younonunonow' [William Abela] (79 pts) and 'Nuno what I mean' [Wayne Harrington] (68 pts).

We have joint leaders this week with 'Willy’s 11' [Ben Willcox] catching up to 'Clueless' [Dean Jones] on 447 points. At the other end ZACK NATION continues to languish in last place with an inadequate 82 points.

The worst ranking teams this week were 'Sillastrybarna' [Jakob Nilsson] (19 pts), 'muzzle united' [Brett Murray] (15 pts), 'H M Son of Anarchy' [John Green] (14 pts), and 'ZACK NATION' [Joshua Ansah] (5 pts). Hang your heads in shame.

When it came to captaincy choice 'Younonunonow' [William Abela] did the best this week with 33 points from Jamie Vardy. On the other end of the spectrum there were more than 5 teams that had picked Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes for a total of 0 points.

Moving onto substitutions 'DUB FC' [Richard Emanuel] will be kicking themselves after having left an extraordinary 21 points on the bench which was the highest in the league.

This week 'Scannell' [Mark Scannell] did the best with automatic substitutions receiving 13 points from Mings and Targett coming off the bench in lieu of Stones and S.Armstrong. 'Audere Est Facere' [Craig Allen], 'White Heart Pain' [Luis West], and 'Mango Hill Hotspur' [Jason Collier] were not as fortunate getting an insignificant 0 points from their automatic subs.

As for shakers and movers 'Younonunonow' [William Abela] climbed 54 spots this week. In the not so great department we have 'muzzle united' [Brett Murray] dropping 45 spots.

Gooner Warnings (RULES: 2 strikes are you're out) -

1st Gameweek with a Gooner - This is your one and only WARNING:

- Moop The Great [Sebastian Mulet] WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Sillastrybarna [Jakob Nilsson] WRN1 (GW6: Ødegaard)

- Son Heung-Win [Peter Tuffin] WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Spur of the Moment [Al Baxter] WRN1 (GW1: Aubameyang)

Chapter standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 6:

RankChapterMgrsGW AvgTotal Avg
5Melb. Peninsula343.00334.00
8Gold Coast551.00320.60



NOTE: As the competition progresses and more Managers get allocated to their chapter, these points will be back-dated, which will affect totals. Likewise, as Managers are removed from the League for repeated Gooner infringements, the points will be retrospectively removed from the totals.

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League

Chapter: OzSpurs Chapter

Mgrs: Number of managers in the league

GW Avg: Game week points average

Total Avg: Point average of all game weeks

Notable news:

- 88 (49.7%) teams managed to reach or beat the overall average of 43 points for the week.

- The following teams all took transfer hits this week: 'NICE ONE SONNY!' [Jay Weijdom] (-4 pts), 'SPURFECTION' [Costa Nicola] (-4 pts), 'Keep It Calm FC' [George Fincken] (-4 pts), 'Swindon lot' [Chris Roberts] (-4 pts), 'Royal With Cheese' [Charbel Beaini] (-4 pts), 'Spudweiser' [Travis MacLachlan] (-4 pts), 'Spurs90' [laura meachem] (-4 pts), 'CrashaSpurs' [Oliver Maxwell] (-4 pts), 'The Franchise' [Damen Francis] (-4 pts), 'Jimi2Shoes FC' [James Carolan] (-4 pts), 'BielskiFC' [Luca Bielski] (-4 pts), 'Dazzas Ozspurs' [Darren Thiel] (-8 pts), 'Team OG' [khaled elmir] (-4 pts), 'K4ipie' [Kai Jopson] (-8 pts), 'THE BOOT EDITION' [SAGZ BOOM] (-24 pts), 'muzzle united' [Brett Murray] (-16 pts), 'H M Son of Anarchy' [John Green] (-28 pts), and 'ZACK NATION' [Joshua Ansah] (-28 pts).

- A flurry of activity this week as 'eetswa' [Louis Garrott] (BB), 'Younonunonow' [William Abela] (TC), 'Nuno what I mean' [Wayne Harrington] (WC), 'Spooneee' [Ian Wotherspoon] (FH), 'RIPZZZINIT' [Damiano Cucci] (FH), 'New Epping Spurs' [Jake Johnson] (WC), 'PaxtonUpper' [Andrew Parker] (FH), 'Anna-na-na-Rafa-vdv' [Anna Dixon] (WC), 'shelfside' [Neil Campbell] (WC), and 'THE BOOT EDITION' [SAGZ BOOM] (TC) all played chips.

Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 6:

1--119.7kClueless [Dean Jones]434473102.1
2--221.2kWilly’s 11 [Ben Willcox]544476101.6
3--334.3kClintEssentials [Clint Westall]504425100.7
4--443.4kBrisbane Glory [Wayne Hill]514407102.4
5--5222kBurgioAguero [MITCHELL BURGESS]424185101.4
6up13245kMoop The Great [Sebastian Mulet]624164100.4
7dn6315kRoyal With Cheese [Charbel Beaini]484126101.3
8up15337kDL [Daniel Lilli]614101101.3
9up10421kpruno fernandes [Blake Todd]474065100.9
10dn7421kSpudweiser [Travis MacLachlan]434065101.3

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League

Chg.: Movement in league compared to previous week

PW: Previous week rank in league

Overall: Rank amongst all players in FPL

GW: Game week points

Total: Point sum of all game weeks

TT: Total transfers

TmVal: Team value (including bank)

Thanks, I will return next gameweek with another update.

Nathan Pieterse [WithAPacketOfSweets].


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