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23 days, 8 hours, and 25 minutes ago

G'day OzSpurs NFG League. This is your weekly FPL update.

The winner for gameweek 2 was 'Willy’s 11' [Ben Willcox] with 89 points! Rounding up the top 3 for the week was 'Brisbane Glory' [Wayne Hill] (88 pts) and 'Clueless' [Dean Jones] (87 pts).

'Clueless' [Dean Jones] with 191 total points is the new league leader, supplanting last weeks leader 'Spudweiser' [Travis MacLachlan]. At the other end Mango Hill Hotspur continues to languish in last place with a paltry 42 points.

The worst ranking teams this week were 'Spurs90' [laura meachem] (29 pts), 'THFC ARMY' [Andriko Nicola] (27 pts), 'Team OG' [khaled elmir] (15 pts), and 'K4ipie' [Kai Jopson] (-3 pts). Hang your heads in shame.

When it came to captaincy choice 'The Assassins Creed' [Stewart Purcell] did the best this week with 24 points from Trent Alexander-Arnold. On the other end of the spectrum there were more than 5 teams that had picked Harry Kane for a total of 0 points.

Moving onto substitutions 'Younonunonow' [William Abela] will be kicking themselves after having left an astounding 32 points on the bench which was the highest in the league.

'Woodend fc' [Al Hardiman] and 'H M Son of Anarchy' [John Green] did the best with automatic substitutions this week receiving 18 points off the bench in lieu of players not playing. '78KE30' [Sash Mitrovic], 'RIPZZZINIT' [Damiano Cucci], 'White Hart Pain' [Sean Robertson], 'Swindon lot' [Chris Roberts], 'Dynamo Kebab' [Thomas Wilson], 'Eric Dierbolical FC' [Drew Badenoch], 'Ronnie United' [Regan Kusabs], 'Lilywhites' [andrew rooley], 'GerMaCro FC' [Karl Marhold], 'Black Mamba Fc' [Shaun Walker], 'NOTINURMUMSFOREST' [SAGZ BOOM], and 'lilywhites' [Lauren Cunnew] were not as fortunate getting an inadequate 0 points from their automatic subs.

As for shakers and movers 'Come Digne with Mee' [Rishabh Kothari] climbed 79 spots this week. In the not so great department we have 'Jimi2Shoes FC' [James Carolan] dropping 69 spots.

Gooner Warnings (RULES: 2 strikes are you're out) -

2nd Gameweek with a Gooner - You have now been removed from the League:

- Pork,Ham& Bacon Eggs [Dayman O'Brien] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Choppenham [Jarryd Knight] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- wobblers123 [Michael Lee] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Aussie Spudz [Mark Hayes] WRN2 (GW2: Saka), WRN1 (GW1: Saka)

- fc Porto [Vaughn Sheffield] WRN2 (GW2: Smith Rowe, White), WRN1 (GW1: White, Smith Rowe)

- davos dags [David Taylor] WRN2 (GW2: Smith Rowe, White), WRN1 (GW1: White, Smith Rowe)

- Nuno’s Best [Sergio Floyd] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Bulls Up North [Raymond Cater] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Brisneywhites [Matt Winters] WRN2 (GW2: Smith Rowe, White), WRN1 (GW1: White, Smith Rowe)

- Junos Jinellies [Edward Hodges] WRN2 (GW2: Smith Rowe, White), WRN1 (GW1: Smith Rowe, White)

- Son City FC [Joe Bourke] WRN2 (GW2: Saka), WRN1 (GW1: Saka)

- schultaFC [Adam Schultz] WRN2 (GW2: Tierney, Saka), WRN1 (GW1: Tierney, Saka)

- Here Comes the Son [Chris Kovas] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- TransferRequest [Zane David] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White, Saka)

- Dancers & Prancers [Dan Murray] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Stand Up FC [Pete Mor] WRN2 (GW2: Saka), WRN1 (GW1: Saka)

- on the up [Carl Clarabut] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Mac's Mauraders [Rob McLaughlin] WRN2 (GW2: White), WRN1 (GW1: White)

- 7plyordie [Cameron Timms] WRN2 (GW2: Pépé, Lacazette), WRN1 (GW1: Pépé, Lacazette)

- Sikkent [Nick Won] WRN2 (GW2: Tierney, Leno, Lacazette), WRN1 (GW1: Tierney, Lacazette, Leno)

1st Gameweek with a Gooner - This is your one and only WARNING:

- Moop The Great [Sebastian Mulet] WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Kane at the Lane? [Paul Craig] WRN1 (GW1: White)

- Spur of the Moment [Al Baxter] WRN1 (GW1: Aubameyang)

- Son Heung-Win [Peter Tuffin] WRN1 (GW1: White)

Chapter standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 2:

RankChapterMgrsGW AvgTotal Avg
6Melb. Peninsula365.67129.00
10Gold Coast553.00113.00

NOTE: As the competition progresses and more Managers get allocated to their chapter, these points will be back-dated, which will affect totals. Likewise, as Managers are removed from the League for repeated Gooner infringements, the points will be retrospectively removed from the totals.

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League

Chapter: OzSpurs Chapter

Mgrs: Number of managers in the league

GW Avg: Game week points average

Total Avg: Point average of all game weeks

Notable news:

- 83 (42.1%) teams managed to reach or beat the overall average of 56 points for the week.

- The following teams all took transfer hits this week: 'Spuraholics' [Terry Desbois] (-4 pts), 'GeoffShreevesXI' [Scott Gobec] (-4 pts), 'SPURFECTION' [Costa Nicola] (-4 pts), 'TransferRequest' [Zane David] (-4 pts), 'Spooneee' [Ian Wotherspoon] (-4 pts), 'Centennial Fruitbats' [James Maile] (-12 pts), 'Lilywhites' [andrew rooley] (-8 pts), 'AC Molloy' [Bill Molloy] (-4 pts), 'Kanes Boys' [Rob Warner] (-12 pts), 'Mac's Mauraders' [Rob McLaughlin] (-4 pts), 'BielskiFC' [Luca Bielski] (-4 pts), 'Dancers & Prancers' [Dan Murray] (-4 pts), 'When Harry Met Alli' [Liam Streames] (-16 pts), 'ChickenTikka MoSalah' [Ethan Harrington] (-24 pts), 'RIPZZZINIT' [Damiano Cucci] (-4 pts), 'Son Heung-Win' [Peter Tuffin] (-8 pts), 'Spurs90' [laura meachem] (-8 pts), 'THFC ARMY' [Andriko Nicola] (-4 pts), 'Team OG' [khaled elmir] (-28 pts), and 'K4ipie' [Kai Jopson] (-56 pts).

- A flurry of activity this week as 'Spurs1882' [Andy Cohen] (WC), 'JT Hotspur' [John Tumbridge] (TC), 'ChooChoo Express' [Mark Choo] (WC), 'Kane at the Lane?' [Paul Craig] (WC), 'White Heart Pain' [Luis West] (WC), 'Moura The Merrier' [Paul Dunn] (FH), 'Keep It Calm FC' [George Fincken] (FH), 'Cancelo Culture' [Perry Collins] (WC), 'Tom' [Thomas Killick] (WC), 'CarryonmywaywardSon' [Andy Philpott] (TC), 'FC Silver' [Tommy Silver] (FH), 'Spurification' [Michael Tong] (WC), 'Hotel? Thi-a-go' [Chris Buchanan] (WC), 'she was only XI' [Lucas Allen] (TC), 'Killick Snr Hotspur' [Neil Killick] (TC), 'NOTINURMUMSFOREST' [SAGZ BOOM] (FH), 'The underprivileged' [Alex B] (WC), and 'K4ipie' [Kai Jopson] (BB) all played chips.

Standings for OzSpurs NFG League after Gameweek 2:

1up844.2kClueless [Dean Jones]871911100.5
2dn150.0kSpudweiser [Travis MacLachlan]731901100.5
3up752.7kClintEssentials [Clint Westall]841890100.5
4up1459.7kBrisbane Glory [Wayne Hill]881891100.5
5dn269.8kMario and Pierluigi [Charbel Beaini]751870100.3
6up10152kGlide to Past Glory [Mark Szymkowicz]791810100.4
7up12168kBurgioAguero [MITCHELL BURGESS]791800100.4
8dn3209kLillywhites [Paul Fallowes]701780100.3
9up36209kWilly’s 11 [Ben Willcox]891780100.5
10up13234kPork,Ham& Bacon Eggs [Dayman O'Brien]761770100.4

Rank: Current rank in league OzSpurs NFG League

Chg.: Movement in league compared to previous week

PW: Previous week rank in league

Overall: Rank amongst all players in FPL

GW: Game week points

Total: Point sum of all game weeks

TT: Total transfers

TmVal: Team value (including bank)

Thanks, I will return next gameweek with another update.

Nathan Pieterse [WithAPacketOfSweets].




23 days, 9 hours, and 48 minutes ago

Haha amazing work 😂




23 days, 7 hours, and 38 minutes ago

My triple captain on Salah was not exactly successful.... 😔




22 days, 11 hours, and 38 minutes ago

I'm going so bad, i've already used my Wild Card.




18 days, 18 hours, and 27 minutes ago

I’ve been removed for the competition, wasn’t aware of the rules as I’ve only just created an account here to follow along.

Can I please be reinstated? I’ve removed arsenal player. Username is TransferRequest


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