jockney nonmember

Jockney !!!!!!! To Dare is To Do !

jockney nonmember

Simon Begent from Woking in London and Geelong in Melbourne.

Greg_B nonmember

Greg_B, Macksville NSW, formerly of Sydney.

Gudge nonmember

Right wronguns . Jock is an alchi amd Simon a gets picked on by spammers

jockney nonmember

Taunton Hotspur Gudge you wannabe carrot cruncher 😂

Waddles Mullet Waddles Mullet

Waddles Mullet halloffamer

Does everyone read Jockney’s posts in a Scottish accent? Or is it just me?

Col member

Not just you Martin!

jockney nonmember

That was my best Dick Van Dyke English accent old boy.

Clarkey member

I don’t understand a word he writes

chanticleer nonmember

Nobody would remember mine

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