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Sang in France, sang in Spain, will sing in Aus and, sing in the rain…

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AudereEstFacere nonmember

I’m worried that the +7 hours in Perth / WA will try to stop me, but look what it did.. I signed up to this forum – looking for yids!

Haven’t missed a game in 15 years (except the odd league cup fixture). 24th August I fly out to WA for 3 months… I’m going to miss the first game at the new ground which I’m learning to live with accepting, and have no idea what jet lag will do to me – but I know that 3am local time on Tuesday 28th somehow, somewhere, I will be watching the boys take on Utd.

Going to Perth for a few days then heading to a place called Geraldton. It looks like there’s a few places showing EPL games in Perth, though am having no joy finding anything in Geraldton. If necessary, I will stay in Perth until after the game – but am hoping to find a Spurs pub?!
Would rather even find a Utd pub over a neutral really, but any advice or guidance appreciated.

Thanks, and COYS!

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Waddles Mullet halloffamer

Welcome to OzSpurs, there will be a venue for the game somewhere in Perth, have you seen the contact page for Perth chapter at – apparently Paddy Macguires is the normal place.

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Pooligan nonmember

Geraldton? Not sure they’ve even got TVs up there yet

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Gudge nonmember

Newman is the gaff son , full of life up there , watch out for Sparra and colonel Paxton

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Captain HQ member

The first game at the new stadium on September 15 is a 12.30 kick off which is 7.30PM in WA. The local rights holder, Optus in Australia have a deal with SBS TV so the game will be free to air on any TV you can find.

If you are getting a local mobile / data sim look to the Optus option for EPL

I am going the other way and my Son and I have booked our flights from Perth on the Wednesday night and out of Heathrow back to Perth on the Saturday night after the game. Just need tickets to get in now.

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Gudge nonmember

Said captain said wot
Pooligan or Enfield Shane are your men for touts
Good luck
I miss out
Flying in August 10th fly back sept 3rd

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