Perth – who’s booked


Clarkey member

Yids starting to book.

Waddles mullet
Mark melish
Simon Begent

All confirmed so far – heard a lot more are in as well. About 7 from Adelaide.

Let us know who’s in, gonna be a blinder

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Col member

Can one of the Perth guys advise when further details will be coming out? Recommended Hotels, timings etc. Thanks Guys.

Clarkey member

Hey Col.

Have you booked flights?

Col member

Not yet mate. Will be confirming once I have further details from Tony and Tom. Most likely turn up late morning or mid afternoon on the Friday and leave around midday on the Sunday at the moment. Will post on here once confirmed booking.

tony no prawns member

@Clarkey said:
Hey Col.

Have you booked flights?

Just booked flights for Col and I. Fly in morning, Fri 22nd, fly out in afternoon, Sun 24th.

Tell Leader to get his cab sorted.

jockney nonmember

Prawns going to a National again ! Get booking it must be on. Get onto some of these Sydney lot Prawns.

Clarkey member

Great stuff

Looking forward to catching up with you both

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