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Newcastle vs Tottenham Saturday night 11/8/18 @ 930pm Sydney Chapter

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My beloved troops it is the Commander here calling all troops of the Sydney Yid Army to stand to attention as we begin the long march north to engage in battle the army of the Northern Monkeys this will be shown live at our fortress and spiritual home The Surry Hills Hotel kickoff is Saturday night 11/8/18 @ 930pm on Optus Sport Channel 1 .
The Army will be lead by Commander Postie and Gen Stonewall Joe Di Laudo assisting us will be Capt Forensic and Capt Trains along with Pointman Chris Flood, Mess Sargent Greg Obrien , Despatch rider Cpl David Towe , and Capt Movietone Aaron Jolly , my Highly Decorated Dog of War Sgt Steve Palmer VC Dso has already commenced the long march from the deepest jungle of the Central Coast he has been away to a secret training camp engaging in ferocious hand to hand combat training so secret he did not tell his Commander so dedicated is he to the Army . I call on all troops to attend in our first match of the new EPL season.

We will also meet up for dinner and pre drinks at Fat Angels pizza restaurant at 6pm on Saturday night the address is 512 Elizabeth St Surry Hills can all troops please advise via this post if they are attending so I can book the restaurant . A great kickoff time se let’s see if we can get a massive turnout. Your Commander.

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