Membership for 2018/19 and beyond is now open!


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The Australia Spurs Committee is excited to announce that Memberships for the 2018/19 season and beyond are now open!

This season, we have completely overhauled our Membership system and have introduced two long-requested features: auto-renew and Junior Memberships.

Auto-renew means you only have to sign up once, and you will stay an OzSpurs Member forever! Your membership will rollover every year on July 1, and you will receive your membership pack shortly after. Adult memberships cost just $15!

Junior Memberships, for those up to 15 years of age, cost only $10 and includes a junior-specific membership pack.

Both memberships also include a Football Galaxy discount and priority ticket access (conditions apply.)

We hope you find some value in OzSpurs Memberships and these new additions. We look forward to welcoming you on board for the 2018/19 season and beyond.

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tony no prawns member

Up yours, Clarkey!

Waddles Mullet Waddles Mullet

Waddles Mullet halloffamer

Great work Silver!

Clarkey member

Can you add a back pay feature for the free loaders we been carrying for the last couple of years?

Ossie member

My god, the forum still exists. Wild.
Just signed up again. Easy peasy. Nice one, Tommy.

Silver administrator

Welcome (back) aboard, Ossie!

Nearing 400 members and it’s not even August yet. Nice going Yids.

Mackayfan member

Pleased to say my membership pack arrived today 😊
I took a photo to show other members what to expect 😕 its in my gallery but I’ve no idea how to attach here 😂
Thanks to all involved for pack
Cheers Peter (Mackayfan)

Col member

Got my members pack yesterday. Nice work guys especially the badge. Quality.

Silver administrator

We’ve officially hit 600 members! Excluding Spurs in Sydney and Spurs in Melbourne seasons, this is a record number…and it’s only August 30! Last season we had 493 Members. The vast majority are auto-renew members, so this number will only grow for the next few years.

Thanks to all who have signed up, and if you haven’t, get on board!

jockney nonmember

I put it all down to the Forum 😂 Well done on the easy, even for me,CC online App and auto renew.

jockney nonmember

However get my membership noted beside my name please. 😆

Silver administrator

@jockney said:
However get my membership noted beside my name please. 😆

When did you join?? I can’t see anything in your name…if you did it when signed into your Jockney account, the Member thing will be updated automatically.

Woody_in_Cairns bbp_participant

Well lads, Paf has now taken over the postage reigns, as I did the same for him this time last year. To those that got your packs, there was a lot of love in that envelope licking.
Jockney – never saw your name in all that 600 I sent, so sign up you tight arse.
Clarkey – Paf will send yours now. As I think you are a pillock and was waiting to find a pen that didn’t work and a badge that was all fucked and distorted, but it didnt happen.


Mackayfan member

Pillock ….Woody ? Northerner term ?
Tottenham boys use Plonker 😂😂😂
Cheers Peter

jockney nonmember

Fucks sake I did sign up. Shouldn’t have said it was easy. I’ll check my bank statements you Yids 😂

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