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Is it Just Me :-(

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Mackayfan member

We all were pleased for Poch to sign a new contract, plus to come out and say Levy is backing him 🙂
I can only assume he meant with the signing of new Kane contract.
Although others have followed with more to follow I’m sure, we have all know for years now
to take that final step and actually win something our squad needs adding to.
This means not losing players like Alderweireld the best CB since Ledley.
Plus signing a top class 2nd striker, midfielder and any other positions Poch thinks need strengthening.
I know as Martin 🙂 Waddles Mullet pointed out on another topic Transfers are not simple.
But I’m am really over this day after day nothing happening, so much so that if and when we do sign someone
It will be a big anti climax maybe we will get Grealish for 5 million plus add ons 🙁
Meanwhile Man City sign Mahrez for 60 million 🙁

I will eat my words if we spend over 50 million on someone LOL
Cheers Peter

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Silver administrator

Hard to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Sounds like Grealish is a big target but the Villa takeover has complicated things.

We definitely need signings – we all hoped bringing the window forward a bit would make things better. It looks like it will be worse for Spurs.

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Pooligan nonmember

Tottenham haggling over a championship player and now stand to lose out on him is classic levy.

Where as proven PL quality in Mahrez goes for £60m; the cost of sissoko, llorente & Nkodou.

Where was you Saturday peter you missed a right ol knees up!

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Gudge nonmember

Not the same without him
Pooligan had his blue blues n twos on , very dapper
Smudge killed it with his whistle
Jock ? Was he there

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jockney member

Jock was Sick

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