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Eriksen is leaving ?

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Mackayfan member

I’m not sure if this is the case πŸ™
But I do remember when in Melbourne for the Spurs visit in 2016
He was asked at that time, if he would sign a new contract after some delay in negotiations
As we know he did sign then. But I remember him saying that when he signed for Tottenham he had a plan.
This led me at the time to think, he wants to end up at Barcelona or Real Madrid.
I really rate him, plus think he is as important to us as Kane or Dele πŸ™‚
If we can re-sign him, I am sure most Spurs fans would be over the moon
Let’s get this done NOW….Come on Levy get the cheque book out

Cheers Peter

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shawry member

Tricky one this. Lots of fans seem to think we can do without him, others say he makes us tick. No doubt he has been fantastic for our club, many great/important goals and assists.

Lately fair to say he has not been as influential as he can be. Why is this – being overplayed, his head turned, contract issues, off-field personal life?

Not sure where this going? We really don’t know. He has been with us since Sept 2013, his first match as our BOG, a 2-0 win at WHL vs Norwich. That is a good period of time for most players, currently probably at the height of his re-sell value.

Now if could perform at historic excellent levels and win us a CL spot for 2019/20 he has my blessing in what ever he chooses (to stay or to go now).

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