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England World Cup Squad Spurs Core


Mackayfan member

With Kane Dele Dier Rose Trippier and ex Spurs Walker and Livermore involved.
Who do people think will be starters, also how will England go.
As always, the media put a lot of pressure on the team with high expectations.
I just hope like with International breaks, we do not get too many injuries.
Interested in peoples thoughts πŸ™‚

ps Sell Aurier nightmare of a player πŸ™

Col member

Firstly agree selling Aurier Peter. One of the new boys who hasn’t worked out that’s all. With regards the England squad, Im please yet again we are well represented as it shows what you can achieve in the EPL with the right manager and a good hardcore of English players. We remember when the only foreigners were Scots, Irish and Welsh, dont we. Not sure how England will perform, as usual, they are so unpredictable. Stand by to be disappointed again though. They will get out of the group stages, but who knows from there?. As for the Aussies, I cant see them picking up more than a couple of draws at best.

Silver administrator

$50 Australia gets further than England πŸ˜‰

jockney member

Hope England get fucked early save our players for pre season

Waddles Mullet Waddles Mullet

Waddles Mullet halloffamer

What odds young Silver?

Jockey, what did you say?

Col member

Do the Scots still have a National team then Jockney?

jockney member

We’re a Tennis Nation now. If it stopped raining for 5 minutes we would dominate it COL πŸ˜‚

chanticleer nonmember

Backbone of the national team

Scotland have the backbone of an eel

jockney member

Plenty of backbone in 77! πŸ˜‚

Enfield Shane nonmember

Was 77 a world cup year? I thought it was 78, Ossie Ardiles and the original Super Mario hahahahaha

I’m pumped that there’s heaps of Spurs players to watch at the WC

I still have a soft spot for Walker but I understand why he left us

Can the socceroos meet England if they get out the groups but?

chanticleer nonmember

Hope not . We couldn’t possibly win

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