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Hall of Fame

Over the years, many people have contributed to making Australia Spurs what it is today. In the early days, we weren’t blessed with things like Fox Sports and their Viewers Choice, or Optus Sport providing just about every match live, meaning a meet up might only happen once a month, and there might not even be a game on.

The Hall of Fame is our way of acknowledging those who worked tirelessly to enable Spurs fans to get together online and in person all over Australia, and those who play an undeniable role in making our club the best it can be. The Australia Spurs committee extends their sincere thanks to those listed below.

OzSpurs Committee Member - Gary Clarke

Gary Clarke

Inducted 2016
OzSpurs Committee Member - Christian Creedy

Christian Creedy

Inducted 2013
OzSpurs Committee Member - Martin Jopson

Martin Jopson

Inducted 2011
OzSpurs Committee Member - Justin Long

Justin Long

Inducted 2009
OzSpurs Committee Member - Ted Goodman

Ted Goodman

Inducted 2008
OzSpurs Committee Member - Andrew Bushell

Andrew Bushell

Inducted 2007