Australia Spurs | Christian Creedy

Christian Creedy

I can’t say that I have a big family connection to Spurs….not even a geographical one. I was born in Winchester all the way over in Hampshire and immigrated with my family to Melbourne when I was 2 in 1983.

My first introduction to Spurs was in 1991 when my sister brought back from the UK Spurs merchandise for me and just a few weeks laterĀ  (in what was our only chance to see televised English football back then) we won our last FA Cup final.

I think I shared the experience of a lot of Aussie Spurs fans growing up in the 1990’s that was so annoying: the look of bewilderment that most people had on their faces when asking for your allegiance, as you tell them you support a side of so much history yet they have never heard of, but to me it always made supporting Spurs so much more exciting and interesting.

As a fan things became a lot more exciting when firstly the EPL was telecasted on Pay TV and then when I belatedly got myself online and got involved with OzSpurs in 2003. On noticing that there wasn’t currently a Melbourne chapter I got one up and rolling and became Melbourne Chapter Organiser. In 2005 I was one of the first 2 non-Perth members to join the OzSpurs committee and between 2005 and 2012 carried out the roles (at different times) as Membership Secretary, Merchandise, General Committee, Vice President and finally OzSpurs President before stepping down in 2012. I was inducted into the OzSpurs Hall of Fame in 2014

In 2016 when the ticketing position became available I jumped at the opportunity to again be a part of the supporters club that had given me not just so many good times but lifelong friends. That is and will always be the reason why I put in the effort. The friends and relationships that I have made and will make in the future are priceless.