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code of conduct

OzSpurs is the Official Supporters Club for Tottenham Hotspur in Australia. We are open to
all Spurs fans and we make every effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome when they
come to any of our venues.

OzSpurs will not tolerate unacceptable conduct at our venues or online.
Unacceptable conduct brings the Club’s excellent reputation into disrepute.
It is recognised that football is a passionate game and supporters will have their own way of
expressing their support and reactions. This is acceptable and welcomed as it often adds
positively to the overall experience.

OzSpurs expects all of our members and supporters to conduct themselves in a way that
represents the values of the Club. Conduct which jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of
others or is likely to bring the Club into disrepute is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
Unacceptable conduct is conduct considered to be violent or disorderly. Violent conduct
includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person, or
intentional damage to property.

Disorderly conduct includes behaviour and actions which promotes or fosters hatred or ill
will towards individuals or groups based on their: gender, colour, race or religion, sexual
orientation, gender identity or disability.
Using threatening or abusive language or threatening or abusive conduct will not be

Displaying anything which may be considered threatening, abusive or insulting:
If any individual is guilty of an above related offence connected to OzSpurs then the
appropriate action will be taken to exclude them from any future OzSpurs activities.