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chapter organisers

Chapter Organisers (COs) are a very important part of OzSpurs.  They are the local leaders of our groups across Australia 

Selection process:

COs are nominated from within the Chapter. To be confirmed as a CO,
approval is required from the OzSpurs Committee – no CO is formally appointed without
committee approval. Approval will only be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances, at the
discretion of the committee. COs serve for the season which runs from 1 June to 31 May.
Joint COs are allowed, but no more than two per chapter.

The role of CO includes the following duties:

  • Organise a venue for watching the games, and maintain a good relationship with the
  • Be the focal point for the chapter, welcoming all members (new ones particularly) and
    fostering a fully inclusive community of Spurs fans within the chapter
  • Social media presence – publicise game meet up details and other vital information
  • Host and organise the OzSpurs National in the years that their location is nominated

The CO needs to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Attend the majority of games that are shown at the venue
  • As the local representative of OzSpurs the CO must conduct themselves with integrity at
    all times. No actions or comments should be made that could be interpreted as
    abusive, discriminatory or inflammatory
  • Full adherence to, and support of the OzSpurs Code of Conduct
  • Positive promotion of OzSpurs, both locally and nationally
  • Maintain a close relationship and communicate frequently with the OzSpurs committee
    (primarily the CO Liaison Officer)

The COs are a crucial part of OzSpurs – they need to be welcoming, inclusive and friendly to
all. Good COs create a great club that all Spurs fans will want to be a part of.