2017 Committee Elections

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After two back-to-back THFC tours, things have returned to normal at OzSpurs, and this year our famous National will be held in Adelaide once more. Click here for full details.

As part of the National, we will be holding the OzSpurs AGM on Sunday afternoon. This year, we have two positions vacant, with some minor changes in the Committee structure. Emma-Jane is stepping down after a number of years of looking after Membership. EJ has worked tirelessly preparing and shipping the amazing membership packs and the Committee, on behalf of our members, would like to say a big thank you to her.

To better accommodate our growing membership base, we’ve made the decision to split this position into two, and as such, are looking for two Membership Secretaries. We’ve delighted to this year present five candidates for our Members to vote for. Click on each candidates name to find out more about them, and then find your voting options below.

Thanks to all who voted. The election is now over – congratulations to Paul Fellowes and Kevin Woodward.
I was lucky enough to take my son’s to the lane last year where they got to take in the full Tottenham experience. They got to see what it’s like to be a part of the Tottenham family. I became a Tottenham supporter at an early age when my grandfather, a Londoner who moved to Wales introduced me to them, and every since, I have cheered, cried, screamed with the team for many years. To be a member of something that others love as much as you is very special, and to be able to help grow the Ozspurs family is something I would consider an Honour. Anyone who takes over this role from Emma will have some big shoes to fill, but I feel that I would relish the opportunity to continue her great work. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, forever Spurs!
My first experience of White Hart Lane was in 1996, boxing day clash v Southampton. Within 54 seconds Iversen opened the scoring, the atmosphere inside the ground was electric, nothing I had ever experienced before. Tottenham went onto win the game 3-1, and my love for THFC was cemented. From here, like the rest of you across the country, we support from afar, up at all hours of the night to watch our beloved team. Through the low years, to the new dawn under Pochettino.

The last game I was lucky enough to attend was Chelsea away, the battle at the bridge. That away game feeling, the singing, the team celebrating at the away end after Kane and Son’s goals, words cannot describe. I am sincerely grateful from the help of Oz Spurs members in getting a ticket to games.

Oz Spurs is an amazing diverse group of individuals who come together through a common passion for THFC. The group means so much for so many people, and if I can contribute my time and effort to helping the committee, it would be an honour. COYS! TTID!
I’ve been around ozspurs for a long time, it’s brought me some of the best times of my life and some of the best mates. Why do I think I can do a decent job as membership secretary you ask? Experience, I’ve been there before at a time when the process was far more complex, payments were only accepted in dinari and cards were made of slate. Now I have a lot more time on my hands, at I’m not able to return to work after my illness and I’d like to put some of that time to Good use and help spurs Australia grow and put on even better events. Vote 1 Paf..you know it makes sense.
Hi all, writing this from 36000 ft in the sky on my way home back to Melbourne after watching 3 games at WHL and 2 FA cup games with my friends at Singapore spurs I can honestly say its great to be home.

Having been in Melbourne for nearly 2 years and planning to stay for a long time yet, I would be honoured to join the committee and great supporters club that is OzSpurs.

I was a season ticket holder at WHL for over 25 years, travelling home and away (even pre EPL) and have close ties to the staff at Tottenham Hotspur and other supporters clubs around the world. I was also part of the social committee at my previous work as a sports activity and events coordinator. I have exceptional organisational and IT skills and have plenty of time outside of work to assist with membership and general spurs queries, and I promise to have all membership packs out before the season starts or at least before Christmas 😉

A vote for me is a vote for Spurs, COYS
I was born in Romford Essex in 1976 and have supported Spurs since I was 5 years old, despite having a Hammer as a father and surrounded by West Ham fans in that part of the world, even then, I showed great signs of wisdom and evaluation of who the ‘right’ team to support would be. I enjoyed away games more than home games at the lane for the passion that is absorbed. I took my shirt off in a League Cup game in Nottingham on a freezing cold snowy evening in Feburary just to get on the TV for my club. Before migrating I visited a friend in New York who introduced me to his NY Spurs supporters club and watching the game in a pub with Expats miles away from the UK was a fantastic experience that I’ll never forget (and at the same time can hardly remember it). I was going through the immigration process at the time for OZ, but right then I decided that if Cairns didn’t have a club like that, then I was going to start one. Luckily for me the job was already half done with the National club OzSpurs well in place, all I needed to do was begin the chapter.

Therefore, I would like to be considered for the role as Membership Secretary for the following reasons;

1 – I love what OzSpurs does and want to be a bigger part of it, by contributing what I can, when I can.

2 – I am a member of my local Rotary Club (currently President) and it is obvious that ALL clubs of all sorts need to look after their members, otherwise there would be no club.

3 – Having a committee member in another part of Australia (even this semi red-neck part) can only enforce the fact of the size and capability of a National club Like Ozspurs. Which in-turn will unite our brothers (and sisters!) in the common struggle against the Peoples Front of Judea…..sorry I meant the Popular Front….

4 – Putting Cairns on the map can only help in my bid for a 2020 National here!

5 – I’m a nice bloke and not bad looking for 40 either. (Picture to follow)

6 – I have now even bored myself writing all this and have to stop. If I don’t get elected then next years application will be twice as long.